I’ve been training dogs for 20 years on three separate continents and have been involved in various dog sports, including obedience, lure coursing, and agility. In Australia I trained dogs for search and rescue – a very physically and mentally demanding task for dogs.

Over the years, this experience with numerous breeds taught me how crucial it is to provide my dogs with all the vitamins and minerals necessary to keep them agile, strong, focused – and happy.

Tanya and Django

Django and Tanya,
Co-Founder of Pawsomely Healthy

The search for the perfect formula. I began to delve into the world of supplements and conducted extensive research. I talked to numerous dog trainers and veterinarians with the aim of finding the perfect formula. And yes… I came across a range of good supplements in Europe and Australia; but I had yet to find a product that could be considered ideal on all parameters.

Girls jumping in joy

Taking matters into my own hands.

With the goal of crafting high-quality natural supplements that benefit every aspect of a dog’s health, I joined forces with my friends, Elena and Liza, both passionate dog owners and very knowledgeable about dog health. Liza has a Labrador and an English Bulldog. Having worked at New York-based Hercules Vitamins, Liza has contributed extensive food and nutrition knowledge. Elena has two active German Shepherds and is avidly involved with several dog rescue organizations.

Pawsomely Healthy
was born.

We combined our knowledge and experience to create Pawsomely Healthy, a service that aids you in choosing the right natural supplements and vitamins for your unique furry friend through every stage of life. We provide you with detailed information on the high-quality ingredients we use in our supplements and why we use them. We have also designed a subscription ordering system so that you never run out of your dog’s supplements or interrupt their nutritional support.

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We aim to maximize your dog’s health and potential for years to come!