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How to Find High-Quality Dog Vitamins That You Can Trust

With so many different dog supplements on the market, it can be tough to know which is best for your dog. Whether you’re searching for a stellar joint supplement, vitamins for allergy relief, or a daily multivitamin made for your dog’s stage of life, quality is key. 

Here’s the full scoop on how to find high-quality dog vitamins that you can trust.

Why Quality Matters in Dog Vitamins

In an ideal world, your dog would get all their nutrition needs from their food. But the reality is, that’s just not possible. Some dog foods lack the protein and nutrients your pup needs for optimal health. Others start off with great intentions, full of key nutrients like Vitamin A or Omega-3 Fish oil. But because they are processed with such high levels of heat, those powerhouse ingredients are useless by the time they hit your pup’s food bowl.

All the more reason why it really matters which dog vitamins you choose to supplement your fur family’s nutrition.

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In recent years, more and more dog vitamins have flooded the market. On the surface, more options seem like a good thing!

But more options can also mean lower quality. Not all dog vitamins are created equal. It can take many years (and lots of money) for companies to do studies and research to prove their efficacy and safety. And without one governing body regulating the industry, it can feel a little like the wild wild West when choosing a dog vitamin that you can trust.

But with a bit of research and due diligence, you can find high-quality dog vitamins that will safely boost your dog’s health.

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7 Signs of a High-Quality Dog Vitamin

1. FDA-Approved and CGMP-Compliant Facilities – why this matters

It matters where your dog’s vitamins are made and manufactured. Most of us wouldn’t dream of eating a meal in a filthy restaurant with health code violations. Similarly, one wouldn’t want to purchase vitamins that are made in poor conditions. According to their website, “The FDA does have authority to inspect regulated facilities to verify that they comply with applicable current good manufacturing practices and other requirements, including an adequately designed and controlled production process.

What is CGMP? It’s an acronym for current Good Manufacturing Practices. It\'s a standard created by the FDA to guarantee that manufacturers adhere to safety standards. According to the Food & Drug Administration website, “The regulations make sure that a product is safe for use, and that it has the ingredients and strength it claims to have.

While neither of these approvals is mandatory, they are like an extra layer of security to help you know that your dog’s vitamins are made of the highest quality.

When we decided to create Pawsomely Healthy, we chose an FDA-approved and CGMP-compliant facility to ensure strict quality control throughout the entire manufacturing process. Each country has its own standards. So if your pup’s supplements are made in Europe or another country, do your research to find out what measures they take to ensure quality control.

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2. Responsibly Sourced Ingredients

You’ve likely heard (or used) the terms “responsibly sourced” and “sustainable”. But what does it all mean and how does it relate to high-quality ingredients?

We love this definition from UCLA, “Sustainability presumes that resources are finite, and should be used conservatively and wisely with a view to long-term priorities and consequences of the ways in which resources are used.

Reputable dog supplement brands do just that. Ingredients are carefully selected and harvested in a way that ensures they will be available to future generations.

3. Natural Ingredients

In a similar vein, high-quality dog vitamins are made from natural, not synthetic, ingredients. Your dog’s body can actually tell the difference between natural and synthetic ingredients. Synthetic vitamins aren’t bioavailable. This means your dog won’t be able to absorb these artificial ingredients very well.

There’s really no comparison when it comes to natural and synthetic vitamins. Although natural vitamins are manufactured in a lab, they aren’t created in a lab. They’re found in raw materials like plant compounds, herbs, and marine flora and fauna.

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4. Veterinarian & Nutritionist Approved

Knowing that an expert in pet healthcare has placed their seal of approval on your dog’s vitamins is a great feeling!When veterinarians and nutritionists assess supplements, they consider their efficacy, benefits, side effects, dosage, and whether the product has good quality control.

Some supplements on the market may fail quality tests and even contain contaminants. But if a brand has the approval of healthcare professionals, consider it an extra vote of confidence.

5. Strict Quality Control

As we mentioned, many dog vitamins don’t pass quality tests. So when choosing a supplement for your pup, do your research to find a brand that does rigorous quality checks. Here at Pawsomely Healthy, we decided to test our vitamins at each stage of the manufacturing process. First, we test all raw materials and ingredients. Then, after the ingredients are formed into a powder, we test again. And finally, we test each final product to ensure it hasn’t been contaminated during the manufacturing process.

These extra steps are essential to ensure quality, consistency, and safety. As you choose a supplement for your fur family, look for a brand that is committed to strict quality control.

6. Dosed According to Weight

A trustworthy dog vitamin brand doses its product according to weight. When it comes to your pup’s wellness and nutrition, one size does not fit all. For example, if your pup is a large breed, but the dosage of their vitamin is too small for their body, they won’t get all the benefits.

On the other hand, if you own a small dog, and their vitamin dosage is too large, you can run the risk of giving your pup toxic levels of their supplement.A reputable dog vitamin takes all of this into consideration and will clearly explain its dosing guidelines on the label.

The Final Woof

There are many dog supplements on the market to choose from. It can be overwhelming as you try to choose one that is safe, effective, and trustworthy. But with research and diligence, you can find high-quality dog vitamins that you can trust.
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