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The Absolute Best Joint Supplements for Dogs 7 Years and Older

As they get older, our dogs need extra nutritional support to stay happy, healthy, and mobile. To find the best joint supplement for dogs, look for one that uses natural, bioavailable ingredients to support your dog’s whole body along with their aging joints. And when you're looking for a supplement to put some pep in your pup\'s step, you need to be sure you're getting the supplement that's best for their life stage.

Believe it or not, seven years old is often considered "senior" when it comes to dogs. To be clear, not all dogs are considered senior at seven. It depends on your pup’s breed and their typical life expectancy.

If your pup does fall into the senior category, this doesn't mean your pup will automatically become more frail or fragile on his seventh birthday. It does, however, mean he'll need additional nutritional support.

Lastly, while even young dogs and puppies can have joint issues, a senior pup is more likely to have muscle aches and joint pains, including things like hip dysplasia.

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Why Do Senior Dogs Get Joint Pain or Hip Dysplasia?

Most pups love to run and jump and play, but as they get older this often becomes increasingly difficult. Besides wear and tear on their joints over the years, older dogs produce less glucosamine - a nutrient used by the body to maintain healthy cartilage and tendons in those joints.Their breed also plays a role. Many people associate German shepherds with hip dysplasia, but other breeds can be susceptible too – from the giant St. Bernard to the tiny pug. The same is true with joint issues like arthritis.

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Perhaps the biggest risk factor is your pup's size. It doesn't matter if they're a purebred or a mixed breed dog - large and giant dogs have an increased risk of hip dysplasia and joint pain.

Being overweight increases their risk as well. Also, just like with people, dogs that have injuries when they're younger can get arthritis or joint pain when they're older.

But what exactly is arthritis? Or hip dysplasia?

What Is Canine Arthritis?

Inside a dog's joints, a soft tissue called cartilage keeps the joint cushioned and working smoothly. When the cartilage starts to break down, this causes pain and swelling. This is called arthritis.The number one cause of joint pain in senior dogs is arthritis. Some estimates say as many as 80% of senior dogs suffer from it!

What Is Canine Hip Dysplasia?

Hip dysplasia happens when a dog's hip joint develops abnormally. This may happen because of things like genetics, growing too quickly as a puppy, or being overweight as an adult.

When a dog has hip dysplasia, his hip joints are loose. Over time, he may develop inflammation and arthritis. While the looseness often starts when they're younger, many dogs don't show signs of pain or difficulty moving until they're older.

But does all this mean our poor pups are doomed to live out their golden years in pain? Not at all! Keep reading to find out all the ways we can make sure our beloved furry friends live their best life no matter their age.

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How to Provide Joint Pain Relief for Your Dog

We can help our older pups get joint pain relief by:

  • Building up their immune systems.
  • Improving their environment.
  • Optimizing their bodies so they can manage health issues naturally.
  • Decreasing the inflammation.

But how does a concerned pet parent do all that?

First, talk to your veterinarian. They are the best qualified to help you develop a treatment plan. In some extreme cases, your pup may need more serious medical help than you can provide at home. To build up their immune system, provide your furry friend with a healthy diet and fish oil supplements made for dogs.

Improving their environment means changing things in and around your house to make things easier for your senior pup. This might mean using a ramp so they can get into bed or your vehicle easily without jumping and then straining something, causing further inflammation.

To help optimize your pup’s health, make sure they are getting all the nutritional support they need. Often, this means adding a high-quality nutritional supplement to your pup’s diet.

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Also, there are certain natural substances that can help decrease your pup's inflammation, which will go a long way to relieving your dog's joint pain.

But what exactly are those natural substances? Which dog hip and joint supplement has them? And is there any way to get nutritional support and anti-inflammatory ingredients all in one supplement?

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What Are the Best Joint Supplements for Dogs?

If you search for "best joint supplements for dogs," you'll literally find dozens of options. What's a pet parent to do to narrow the field and find the best formula possible for their precious pup?

First, when you have a senior dog, you need a supplement that's more than a joint supplement.

Senior pups need nutritional support for their whole body, not just their joints. This includes nutrition for things like immune support and a healthy mind. This support becomes even more important as our dogs age – and many senior dog joint supplements overlook it completely!

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Second, bioavailability is critical. If a supplement's ingredients are "bioavailable," it means they are easy to absorb.

As our dogs age, their kidney and liver function begins to decline. Because of this, you want ingredients that are easily absorbed and usable without making your dog's body work overtime to get the benefits.

Why Omega-3 is the best supplement for senior dogs?

Omega-3 by Pawsomely Healthy has a high concentration of the omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA, essential "good" types of fat that help your dog’s body and brain.

Benefits of fish oil for senior dogs:

  • Promotes shiny healthy coat and reduces shedding
  • Reduces itchy and flaky skin
  • Supports heart health
  • Helps control allergy symptoms
  • Provides natural anti-inflammatory properties
  • Relieves joint pain
  • Strengthens your dog’s immune system and promotes general well-being
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The Final Woof

Our Omega-3 supports your senior dog's immune system plus physical and mental health while also providing tender loving care for their aging joints.

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