How to Choose The Right Dog Vitamins for Your Best Fur Friend

Just like humans, dogs need vitamins to keep them healthy and active throughout their lives.  Some supplements take a one-size-fits-all approach. But not all vitamins are created equal. And every pup is unique. So how can you choose the right vitamins to keep your best fur friend happy and healthy? Here are eight things to […]

When Should I Start Giving My Dog Joint Supplements?

Joint supplements are just for elderly dogs with stiff, achy hips and elbows, right?  Guess again. If your dog is a young and healthy puppy or an active adult dog, a natural joint supplement can greatly improve their quality of life now and in the years to come. In fact, puppies as young as a […]

How Long Can a Dog Go Without Pooping?

Potty business is always serious business. Knowing what’s normal for your dog’s digestive habits can make the difference between leaving your pup home unattended for one hour or several. It can also make the difference between treating a case of constipation and addressing a more serious health problem. So just how long can a dog […]

How to Safely Use Frankincense to Help Your Dog’s Joints

Building and maintaining strong, healthy joints is super important for our dogs, both young and old. Active dogs, especially, need strong and sturdy joints to live their best lives.  While joint supplements are becoming increasingly popular, not all are created equal. Many are synthetic, and others have minimal manufacturing regulations.  There are natural alternatives, though. […]

Why Your Dog Gets Muscle Spasms and What To Give Them To Help

how to help dog muscle spasms

Muscle spasms aren’t life-threatening and may only last a few seconds, but they can be incredibly painful for your dog. Worse yet, if they happen regularly, muscle spasms can interfere with your pup’s quality of life. No pet parent wants to see their fur family in discomfort and pain. But it can be tricky to […]

The Best Dog Allergy Supplement to Relieve Your Dog’s Symptoms

Just like humans, dogs can suffer from allergies and all of the miserable side effects. In fact, they may have a tougher time because they spend so much time outdoors and are in even closer contact with trees, flowers, and pollen. Thankfully, there are safe solutions to help your dog!  What Causes Allergies in Dogs? […]

What to Do When Your Dog Is Scared of Thunder

What to do when your dog is scared of thunder

Warmer weather brings thunderstorms and, in many cases, frightened dogs. According to one study, more than 40% of dogs are afraid of loud noises like thunder.  Even if your dog seems to make it through summer storms unaffected, chances are loud thunder is leaving them feeling stressed. Keep reading to find out the signs that […]

The Absolute Best Joint Supplements for Dogs 7 Years and Older

Best supplements for dogs 7 years and older.

As they get older, our dogs need extra nutritional support to stay happy, healthy, and mobile. To find the best joint supplement for dogs, look for one that uses natural, bioavailable ingredients to support your dog’s whole body along with their aging joints.  And when you’re looking for a supplement to put some pep in […]

Best Supplements for Dogs with Sensitive Stomachs

Best Supplements for Dogs with Sensitive Stomachs

Some dogs can eat just about anything without getting sick, including things we wish they wouldn’t gobble up. But other dogs have highly sensitive stomachs and are prone to digestive problems, even when they’re eating what seems like nutritious foods. If your pup falls into the latter category, it can be stressful to see them […]